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About Our Products

From the countless products on the market, Green Earth's owner, Steve Siegelwaks, hand selects the best vitamins, supplements, herbs and personal care products. You benefit from his years of knowledge and experience. His expertise virtually assures product quality, reliability and effectiveness. And, since we have confidence in a product line, we provide its full inventory - not a watered down, cherry picked one. So, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for at Green Earth.

Breadth of Selection

What you'll find at Green Earth...

  •  Aromatherapy
  •  Baby & infant care
  •  Books, Videos & educational materials
  •  Certified organic produce & dairy
  •  Coffee, coffee substitutes & teas
  •  Cookies, crackers & snacks
  •  Environmentally friendly household products
  •  Frozen food entres
  •  Herbal apothecary
  •  Homeopathic remedies
  •  Homespun garments
  •  Homemade jewlery & crafts
  •  Juice extractors
  •  Juices & beverages
  •  Music
  •  Natural body care
  •  Natural foods
  •  Nutritional supplements
  •  Organic bulk grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruit
  •  Pet products
  •  Sports nutrition
  •  Soups
  •  Sweeteners

And, you’ll find people who take time with you, offer suggestions and answer your questions -- because there is nothing more important than your health.

mushroomTo paraphrase a famous quote,

"Health isn't everything -- it’s the only thing."

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