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We invite your five senses to partake & enjoy Green Earth’s

Refreshing tastes - Green Earth offers the freshest produce, lo-carb dietary needs, the finest meats, poultry and dairy, drinks, pastas, nutritional snacks, kids treats, hot whole grain muffins baked on premise daily, a full deli and juice bar as well as macrobiotic fare.

Amazing aromas - the fastest way to a sense of well being and health is through the sense of smell and Green Earth offers a broad array of essential oils, incense and aromatherapy products - and we’re people who care about you and will help you choose the right products.

Incredible insights - improve your "vision" through inspirational and informative reading. Green Earth has stocked volumes of books on healthful living, stress reduction and detoxification - we also house a healthy selection of cookbooks and spiritual works that promote healthier lifestyles and greater joy in living.

Soothing sounds - Green Earth brings you an eclectic collection of music from all over the world to provide a listening oasis that musically massages away stress and invigorates your spirit.

candle Pampered touch - Green Earth imports cotton garments from Nepal and around the world to pamper your skin and has loofa sponges, exfoliating products and herbal complexes to give your skin its own sense of well being. If you choose, we’ll even arrange for massage therapy, so that you can experience a touch of Nirvana.

It is a place that informs, inspires and offers answers that have one goal: to optimize your well being. From bulk grains to bath salts and from essential oils to essential foods, Green Earth is your source.

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